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About the service Single Family Home

There are various types of single family homes we have specialized in over the years, one of these types of homes are tract homes which are designed as a series of different models or home types for a specific land subdivision development. The typical structural framing for tract homes consists of conventional premanufactured wood trusses for gable or hip-end roofs, load-bearing reinforced masonry walls and monolithic or continuous wall foundations to provide a code-compliant yet cost-effective solution. Another type of SFH we specialize in are custom homes which are designed for a specific owner and who sets the maximum design and construction budget that is available for the project. These homes can have conventional wood framing or reinforced concrete floor slabs depending on the budget at hand and the structural soundness required. The last type of single family home that we design are spec homes. These homes are speculative homes that are designed with a particular client in mind and usually bring superior structural soundness and a larger construction budget.

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