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About the service Structural Repairs

Structural repairs are often necessary due to aging conditions of an existing structure. These conditions could arise as a consequence of weather, exposition to elements, impact damage, rotting or corrosion depending on material type and exposure to environmental conditions and loads. In the case of reinforced concrete, severe exposure to sulfate environments can cause reinforcing bars to corrode through natural cracking of members in marine environments. Long-term loads can also introduce creeping effects that alter the magnitude of crack-widths that ultimately weaken load-bearing members to the point of possible collapse if left unrectified over time. Structural steel framing can often lose its hot-dip galvanization layer of protection on its surfaces and this eventually leads to decreased structural performance from corrosion of bolts and members after continuous exposure to ponding from rain, and warping of surfaces from fire damage. Wood framing such as joists, rafters, premanufactured wood trusses, load-bearing partitions, or posts can also suffer from fire damage although the most common cause of long-term deterioration is rotting or termite infestation.

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Yes, we can only produce structural plans, and we only work using design files from architects.

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